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Profile Information


Welcome to the New Member Registration process!  

Your profile  must be completed before your account can become activated. (Note: If you have paid at the General meeting you still must complete this process.) Please allow 30-minutes for the two parts process:


PART 1: COMPLETE ALL PART I... This is a TAB-CLICK-THROUGH process for the first (3) pages. Continue through to the SUBMIT page. Continue by posting  up to (3) resumes, (3) cover letters, and a bio for viewing by prospective employers and other Career Connection members.



PART 2: Application Fees and Monthly Dues are payable by CASH, CHECK and online by Visa or MasterCard.

Click here for membership dues information.



Next, your submission will be viewed at the CareerConnection office and then approved for ACTIVE status!

If you are accomplishing all this in one day, call the office for immediate approval!      (214)739-7153



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